Hebraica brings the community together for educational activities and programs that ensure the continuity of Jewish identity with a family-oriented spectrum of activities.


Hebraica reaches out to all segments of our diverse community through ongoing programs for children, tweens, teens, and adults. A wide array of social activities, trips, and projects emphasize the importance of promoting Jewish identity and values, a love of Israel, family, and community.

Available Programs

At Hebraica, we believe in the power of building meaningful connections and creating lasting memories. Our department offers a vibrant spectrum of events and programs designed to cater to every age group and interest within our community. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and togetherness, all while celebrating our shared heritage and values.

Maccabi Tzair
Maccabi Tzair Miami, a branch of Maccabi World Union, is a youth movement for the Jewish community that engages kids in projects and activities that promote Jewish identity in a supportive environment that stimulates growth and development as responsible Jewish leaders.

Special Events

Hebraica hosts a wide variety of special events that allow for further education of the madrichim and the hanaga and raises funds that offset the costs of the continental MT CLAM seminars, the Pre-SOM Costa Rica trip, the SOM Israel trip, and many annual machanot.
Overnight Adventures

Several overnight trips offer age-appropriate, informal opportunities to make friends, engage in Jewish life, and have fun together while learning leadership skills. Experience the joy of camaraderie and growth on these enriching journeys.

Hebraica's Fan Favorites

The Alex Halberstein Maccabi Games

Prepare for an electrifying annual extravaganza that promises thrilling Olympic-style competition and unforgettable experiences!

Maccabi Tzair Miami

Educational activities and programs provide leadership skills and a supportive community for kids to grow and develop as responsible Jewish adults.

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