MARJCC Policies 


The MARJCC, a membership-based organization, provides programs and services to its members and the community. We are a community that values and celebrates diversity and are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.


The safety and security of our members and guests remain our highest priorities at the MARJCC. Trunks and vehicles may be searched by staff for security purposes, and the MARJCC also reserves the right to search backpacks, lunch boxes, and other types of sealed or closed containers without prior notice. No weapons are permitted on the MARJCC campus.

A Membership ID card for members or a photo ID for non-members and guests is required to enter the MARJCC through the main gate—access to the MARJCC may be denied if an appropriate ID is unavailable. Our goal is to ensure a high level of security that prompts quick action in the event of any sign of danger. The MARJCC reserves the right to deny access to any person at any time.

Members are encouraged to provide their Sun Pass number to the Membership Office to expedite entry into the MARJCC using the “member lane.” No fees will be charged to your Sun Pass account.


All individuals, including members, guests, and visitors, are required to pass through our metal detector. If there is a medical condition, please notify the front desk representative/security before proceeding.

Members should check-in at the front desk and scan their membership card to enter through the turnstile.

Non-members, including visitors, guests, caregivers, chaperones, should check in with a government-issued photo ID to gain access to the facility. Parents who are non-members attending their children’s classes are considered visitors and will be required to present a photo ID but may not utilize the facilities. 

Please check Guest’s Policy below*


Silver Sneakers participants should present their Silver Sneakers ID card for scanning by the MARJCC front desk representative.

All members and visitors must adhere to the posted schedules for the usage of MARJCC facilities, including the fitness center, public areas, pools, and tennis courts.

Babysitters or caregivers accompanying a child to the MARJCC must have written authorization from the family, be included in the membership profile, and are not permitted to use the facilities unless a separate membership is acquired.

To ensure continuous access to the center, please promptly address any outstanding balances. Failure to do so may result in your card being inactive, blocking your entrance.



A GUEST is a non-member (affiliated with a member) utilizing the Feldenkreis-Feig-Hanono Athletic Field, Fitness Center, Scheck Family Gymnasium, and Edith & Saul Schmidt Aquatic Center. All guests must be accompanied by a member and provide a photo ID to the MARJCC front desk representative. Guests are required to sign a waiver and pay a guest fee. There is no limit on the number of guest visits. When playing tennis, these fees will be collected at the Soffer Family Tennis Center. Guests must adhere to all MARJCC rules and policies.


  • Junior Fee: $10 Ages 13 and under
  • Adult Fee: $20 Ages 14–69
  • Senior Fee: $10 Ages 70+

Out-of-town guests who are members of a JCC outside of Miami-Dade or Broward Counties are eligible for complimentary guest privileges for up to two weeks per year. To receive these benefits, they must present their valid JCC membership card to our Membership Services staff. We reserve the right to verify this information by contacting the guest’s affiliated JCC member.

MARJCC members are eligible to receive two complimentary guest passes per year. 


Parents may leave their child(ren) at the MARJCC for supervised programs for which they are registered and arrange to meet them at the designated time.

Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while at the MARJCC, or they must be registered in and under the supervision of a MARJCC program during their stay at the facility.



Parents and Guardians of all minor children who are walking over to the MARJCC unaccompanied hereby assume the risk of any and all harm and also hereby waive any and all right to make, file, or pursue any claim, demand, suit, action, cause of action, damages, etc. against the MARJCC, its agents, employees, directors, representatives, principles, contractors, subcontractors, affiliates, parent organization, vendors etc., that arises out of or in any way relates to an injury, illness, loss, death, damage caused, theft, in whole or in part by the minor child walking over to the MARJCC unaccompanied.


All members, ages 13 and older, must carry a MARJCC photo membership card. To facilitate entry into the main building, please present your membership card to the Welcome Desk or to the Tennis Desk staff at the Soffer Family Tennis Center. Though we make every effort to recognize our members, we ask everyone to always carry their membership card.

To request a membership card, or if your membership card is lost or stolen, please notify the Front Desk Manager at to prevent unauthorized use of your card.

A $10 fee will be charged for the replacement membership card. Membership cards are non-transferable, and MARJCC membership may be revoked upon violation of MARJCC policies.


Pets are not permitted at the MARJCC, except for service animals or as a part of a MARJCC program.


Parking privileges are extended only to MARJCC constituents attending activities at the MARJCC. The MARJCC reserves the right to tow—at the driver’s expense—any vehicle parked in an unauthorized/undesignated area.

The Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center is not responsible for theft of items left in vehicles or damage to any vehicle parked in its lot. Overnight parking is strictly prohibited; vehicles parked overnight may be towed at the owner’s expense.


No vehicle may be left unattended with the engine running anywhere on the MARJCC premises. The MARJCC is not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle. Only authorized vehicles may remain on campus overnight.


Please observe the campus speed limit of 5 mph.


To expedite the exiting of vehicles during school/camp dismissal, please follow the direction of MARJCC personnel. Only right-hand turns are allowed out of the MARJCC parking lot during carpool hours.


Permanent lockers in the men’s and women’s locker rooms are available for an annual fee of $80; please contact the Membership Services Department at for more information.

The MARJCC is not liable for theft, loss or damage to any personal belongings or property. Do not store any valuables in parked vehicles or lockers. You may bring a lock to secure your belongings in a “daily locker.” The lock must be removed at the end of each day, or MARJCC staff will remove it.


The Michael-Ann Russell Jewish Community Center (MARJCC) is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members, guests, and staff. To ensure everyone’s safety and security, the MARJCC requires individuals using the facilities or participating in our programs to conduct themselves in a considerate and responsible manner and respect the rights and dignity of other members, guests, and staff.


The MARJCC reserves the right to enroll members and families who embrace the mission, vision, policies, and procedures adopted by the MARJCC, including our commitment to diversity, respect for individual differences, and Jewish values. Failure to adhere to MARJCC principles may result in immediate suspension or dismissal from the MARJCC without a refund. We urge you to review the following information closely with your child(ren). All members, guests, and staff using the facilities or participating in our programs are expected to please abide by our code of conduct which can be found at


The MARJCC reserves the right to remove a participant/family member from any program, activity, or general use of the facility at any time. No refunds will be given for any unused portion of the program, class, or activity.


Unsportsmanlike conduct by participants, coaches, or spectators will not be tolerated and may be cause for “ejection” from the campus, suspension from the MARJCC, or termination of membership.


Cell phones may not be used in any MARJCC bathroom or locker room facilities or when operating a vehicle on campus—texting while driving is strictly prohibited.


Membership may be suspended or revoked based on the severity of the violation. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Chief Executive Officer or his designee when behavior is contrary to the interests, purposes, good and welfare of the agency or is determined to violate the MARJCC Policies (rules and regulations) and/or the Code of Conduct of the MARJCC.

A suspended or terminated member remains liable for all dues and other indebtedness incurred before suspension or termination of the membership. Refunds will not be issued for suspended or terminated memberships.



Members with an open balance or past due in their account (such as a declined credit card or returned ACH or check) will have their Membership card automatically deactivated. If the outstanding balance remains after 60 days, the membership will be cancelled.

To be reinstated, members must pay the open balance plus any additional penalty fees in full.


The MARJCC offers limited financial assistance to qualified individuals and families. All requests for assistance are on a first-come, first-served basis and are handled confidentially. Standard program fees apply until the scholarship award has been approved. Please e-mail to request an application. 


The MARJCC is a non-smoking facility. Please refrain from smoking or vaping on the MARJCC campus or inside any of the facilities.


Out of respect for MARJCC property, comfort, and the safety of others, the use of skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, and hoverboards is strictly prohibited inside the buildings. Similarly, proper attire—including shirts and shoes— must always be worn.


Children aged 6 and older are not permitted to use opposite-sex locker rooms.



Trainers, teachers, coaches, tutors, or therapists who are not employees of the JCC may not use the MARJCC for professional purposes—even while in the company of and with the permission of a MARJCC member—without written authorization from the MARJCC Chief Executive Officer. “Outside Professionals” receiving authorization must comply with all insurance requirements and provide all required documentation.


The MARJCC will not provide any personal information, expenses, registration records, or the participation of its member of record to any other individual, regardless of relationship/marital status, unless required by a court order.


Hours of operation may vary in observance of Jewish and Federal holidays. Please refer to the Important Dates section on the website for additional information on holiday observances.


All food provided and used within the MARJCC must be Kosher.



The MARJCC may videotape, or photograph participants enrolled in programs, classes, and events or while enjoying MARJCC facilities. These photographs are for our publications, flyers, publicity efforts, brochures, web use, other electronic communications, or video usage. All photos and videos are for MARJCC use and have become the sole property of the MARJCC. Please contact the Program Director for photographic exclusions.

It is not allowed professional or commercial photography/videography anywhere on campus without approval.


Fundraising or selling on any item is not allowed on campus unless a permission is provided by executive staff.



By registering for and participating in any MARJCC program for either adults or children, participants and their guardians agree to expressly assume and accept any risks of injury associated with participation.

In consideration of gaining membership or being allowed to participate in activities and programs of the JCC and to use its facilities and equipment, participants waive, release, and forever discharge the MARJCC, all its officers, employees, representatives, and all others from any responsibilities or liability for injuries or damages resulting from participation in any activities or use of equipment arising out of participation in any activities at the JCC.


A rental booking and payment are required to use the JCC facility for a birthday or any private event. To learn more about our rental and birthday party options, please contact



The MARJCC has subscribed to a commercial, real-time lightning detection service that has been independently and objectively verified. When lightning is detected within 6 miles radius of the MARJCC,  an announcement sounds for 30 seconds, and a strobe light activates. The strobe stays on during the entire alert period.   All outdoor activities must stop, and participants are asked to seek shelter. Outdoor activities may resume 30 minutes after the last lightning strike within a 6-mile radius as indicated by the lightning detection service.

When the system no longer detects a threat, an all-clear announcement will sound, and the strobe light will stop. This is the signal that it is safe to return to outdoor activities.

When lightning is detected within a 2-mile radius of the MARJCC, all indoor pool activities must stop, and participants are asked to leave the pool deck.


Please call 305.932.4200 for hurricane closing updates. If encountering the threat/ impact of a tropical weather system, the MARJCC typically follows the recommendations of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

When school is not in session, directives issued by Miami-Dade County will be adhered to in most instances. If the decision to close the campus is made, the MARJCC will provide all relevant information through social media and contact info provided by the members.




  • A valid MARJCC Membership Card is required to enter the Fitness Center.
  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted in the Fitness Center without a parent or guardian.
  • Shirts, athletic shoes, and proper gym attire should be worn at all times. No sandals, crocs, open toed shoes, or swimsuits are allowed.
  • Music and other personal media equipment should be enjoyed with headphones or earbuds. The use of external speaker systems is prohibited.
  • Profane words, gestures, littering, spitting, shouting, or disruptive behavior are prohibited.
  • Theft, compromising safety, verbal or physical threats, aggressive behavior or fighting will result in immediate removal from the facility and the suspension of all parties.
  • The MARJCC assumes no responsibility for personal items, all patrons are encouraged to secure their possessions in a facility locker. School bags and gym bags are not permitted in the fitness center.
  • Only MARJCC Fitness Staff can perform coaching and personal and group training.
  • For health reasons, please clean equipment before and after use.
  • Please be considerate and allow members to work between sets.


  • The JCC pool is exclusive for members, guests, and participants in the SwimRight program.
  • To maintain water cleanliness, everyone must rinse off (shower) before entering the pool
  • Do not enter the pool if you have any open wounds or sores.
  • An adult age 18 or older must always accompany children ages 12 and under. The only exception is children participating in the MARJCC swim team.
  • Proper swimwear is required to enter the pool; no cutoff shorts or shirts of any kind are permitted.
  • The pool deck is not suitable for changing.
  • Regular diapers are not allowed in the pools. Children who are not potty trained must wear a swim diaper with appropriate swimwear.
  • Flotation devices are not permitted.
  • Running on the pool deck or rough play on the pool deck or in the pool are prohibit.
  • No diving is permitted.
  • No hanging on the swim lane lines is permitted.
  • Lap lanes are exclusively for lap swimming. Please consult the Swim Right customer service desk for lane availability.
  • No food, gum, alcohol, or beverages other than water is permitted on the pool deck.
  • Glass of any sort, including glass containers, are not allowed in the pool area.
  • No animals are allowed in the pool facility.
  • The lifeguards oversee enforcement of the policies established by the MARJCC Aquatics Department. Cooperation is essential for everyone’s safety.
  • For safety reasons, when lifeguards are in the chair guarding, please do not distract them (ex. talk to them).
  • The management reserves the right to refuse admittance to or eject from the pool premises, any person failing to comply with any of the above health and safety regulations.



  • Valid MARJCC Membership Card required for track entry.
  • 13 years and older allowed on track; anyone between 13 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No climbing, leaning, or looking over railings.
  • Sneakers, shirts, and proper gym attire only; no sandals, Crocs, cleats, or swimsuits.
  • No stopping or standing on the track.
  • No watching games in the gym from the track.
  • Strollers, wagons, and child transport systems not allowed on the track.
  • No food or beverages on the track.
  • Be courteous to fellow track users.
  • Runners use inside of track; walkers use outside of track; no more than two side by side.
  • No throwing objects.
  • Use headphones or earbuds for music or cellphone; external speakers prohibited.
  • Prohibited: profanity, gestures, littering, spitting, shouting, disruptive behavior.
  • Theft, safety compromise, threats, aggression, fighting result in immediate removal.
  • MARJCC not responsible for personal items; secure possessions in facility locker; no school bags or gym bags on the track.


  • All members need to check-in at the front desk and scan their membership card to enter the tennis courts.
  • Members are not permitted to bring in (as guests) external tennis professionals.
  • Guests must be accompanied by an active MARJCC member and check in with a government-issued ID, sign a waiver, and pay the guest fee at the Tennis Center Desk before accessing the courts.
  • If the guest fee is not paid once all players have been checked in that fee will be added to the member who reserved the court.
  • Parents who are non-members and are attending their children’s classes, are considered visitors and it will be required to present a photo ID and may not uses the facilities.
  • Proper tennis attire is required.
  • Players scheduled to play on any clay court need to have proper tennis footwear on.
  • No cursing
  • Playing music within the court area is prohibited.
  • During inclement weather, all tennis courts will be closed.
  • All court cancellations must be given 24 hours in advance. Three cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice within a 6-month period will lead to a 30-day suspension of reservation privilege.
  • Reservations will be canceled if all members do not check in at the Tennis Pro Shop 15 minutes after the booking time.


Should you be unable to attend a scheduled class, we kindly request that you inform your designated professional within 48 hours to avoid incurring a no-show fee. Members will be held responsible for covering the associated costs.



All court reservations are taken through

  • Elite Founders Club Member
    • 10 days in advanced court reservations for any court
    • 4 reservations at a time in PlaybyPoint.
  • Founders Club Member
    • 7 days in advanced court reservations for any court
    • 3 reservations at a time in PlaybyPoint.
  • Elite Padel, Pickle & Tennis Club Member
    • 5 days in advanced court reservations for any court
    • 3 reservations at a time in PlaybyPoint.
  • Padel Club Member
    • 5 days in advanced court reservations for Padel ONLY
    • 2 reservations at a time in PlaybyPoint.
  • MARJCC Member
    • 24 hour court reservations for any court.
  • Non-Members
    • Cannot reserve. Fee of $20 to play.
  • Padel Courts Reservations:
    • All reservations are limited to 1.5 hours.
    • All Padel reservations must have 2 other members on the reservation. Example- 3 MARJCC members & 1 guest
      • Elite Founders Club Member
      • Founders Club Member
      • Elite Padel Club Member
      • Padel Club Member
      • MARJCC Members

We would want to remind everyone that each of us must adhere to the established protocols to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.  We love seeing you at the J, but please stay home and monitor symptoms for 14 days:

  • if you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, or
  • if you have come into direct contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or
  • if anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or
  • if anyone in your household has come into direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Thank you in advance for your support.