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Bamachol Dance Academy Director –  Roger Weiger –  x152

Bamachol, which in Hebrew means “in the dance,” brings the Israeli concept of “dance academy” to our Michael-Ann Russell JCC. The combination of Israeli Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Zumba, and Hip-Hop offers a total experience in the diversity of dance styles and allows children to grow physically, socially, artistically, and creatively. Bamachol promotes skills development, friendship, mutual respect, and Jewish culture, under the supervision of highly qualified and talented staff. The division into age groups and class levels allows each child to have his or her own path of advancement, based on interest and talent.Our Bamachol Dance Academy is performance oriented – allowing each child to “learn dance, while dancing.” Being part of a choreography gives each child notions of space orientation, the sense of belonging, and the responsibility of having a place “in the dance,” which will promote his/her growth as an artist and as a person.

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MAR-JCC’s Bamachol Dance Academy is Featured in National Dance Magazine!

Dance Studio Life magazine is published by Rhee Gold, a leader in the dance education field. He grew up as the child of a dance teacher, owned his own schools, and wrote The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance (now in its second printing). Through his Project Motivate seminars, special appearances, and the DanceLife Teacher Conference, Gold interacts with thousands of dance educators, school owners, dancers, and students every year. In planning the relevant and meaningful content in Dance Studio Life, he knows what readers need and want.

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Grades K – 12 • Pre-Jazz (Aug. 22-Jan. 26)All others full-year (Aug. 22 – Festival Yachad)Our Jazz program  introduces children to Jazz through technique, choreography and dance games.
Powered by Live in Color • Grades PreK-3 – 7 • August 22-January 26Directed by Zedric Bembry, Live in Color is a national awarded dance company, winning ABC’s $100,000 prize for Best Dance Company. Zedric’s signature technique, dubbed Urban Funk, will wow dancers and audiences with its blend of hip-hop, modern and jazz, with bits of funk and soul.
Grades PreK-3 – Adult • August 22 – Festival YachadOngoing through Festival Yachad, our Israeli Dance (Rikudim) program is well known in our South Florida community. With the goal of teaching and perpetuating Jewish culture and tradition, children learn Rikudim (circle & line dances) as well as other choreography throughout the year. Groups from grade 5 through college participate in special performances & dance festivals, where, depending on their peer group, they may travel to Orlando, New York, Vancouver, Mexico, Panama, Sao Paulo, and Israel!
• Grades PreK-3 – 6 •

Our Ballet Academy offers intensive ballet training. The faculty teaches the Vaganova syllabus of classical Russian ballet technique, the world’s most rigorous and thorough program.
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