CHEERLEADING (Week 2) Grades 1-10 with Coach Jordan

  • Swim 3x/week
  • Experience the world of All-Star Cheerleading through tumbling, stunting, jumping and choreography
  • Learn to flip, twist and fly with our USGA certified professionals
  • Develop coordination, strength and flexibility in this vastly expanding sport
  • Held in our state-of-the-art Kiblisky Gymnastics Center

COOKING WITH ROMI (Week 5) Grades 1-6 

  • Swim 5x/week
  • Learn how to create delectable delights from scratch, while enhancing math, language and science skills
  • On select days, campers will create their own lunches and snacks

ROBOTICS (Week 6) Grades 2-5 

  • Swim 4x/week
  • Build a complete robot using an Ardeino kit
  • Led by professionals from Israel’s Yerucham Science Center (through the support of the GMJF’s Yerucham/Miami Partnership)

CODING AND GRAPHIC DESIGN (Weeks 3&8) Grades 2-5 – Powered by HackShack

  • Swim 3x/week
  • Make and program animated stories and games, using drag-and-drop platforms developed by Microsoft and Apple
  • Learn essential programming concepts and develop problem-solving skills through game and project-based activities
  • Publish a completed game or animated story by the end of one week of camp
  • Learn the fundamental digital graphics and 3D Modeling
  • Campers will spend morning sessions working on their projects and the afternoons enjoying camp activities at the MARJCC
  • Enhance your skills even more by registering for two weeks
DRONE (Week 5) Grades 2-5- Powered by HackShack
  • Swim 3x/week
  • Learn about drones in a collaborative team setting
  • Assemble and program a drone to function properly, auto fly through obstacles and complete various missions
  • Learn basic programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements and variables
  • No coding experience necessary to participate in the camp.
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