CAMP SOL TAPLIN is committed to making the camp environment safe and fun for everyone. Accordingly, all campers and their parents acknowledge the Code of Conduct to demonstrate their understanding of, and compliance with our camp’s behavior expectations. No child will be admitted to camp without a parent/guardian signature (electronic on camp application). Moreover, failure to comply with its principles may result in immediate suspension or dismissal from camp without a refund. We urge you to review the following information closely with your child(ren).


  • 1. Be active listeners, cooperate, and follow directions given by camp staff, supervisors, guests and lifeguards at all times.
  • 2. Treat fellow campers, staff, supervisors, guests, lifeguards, public/private property and the environment with the utmost respect. We expect every camper to exercise goodwill towards others, our camp activities and facilities. Courtesy and respect are requirements of the camp community.
  • 3. Refrain from using rude, offensive or generally bad language. Harsh verbal words, the tone of voice, foul language or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • 4. Keep hands and bodies to themselves. If physical contact is made with another person, it must be both welcomed and appropriate. Teasing, horseplay, pushing, kicking, hitting, fighting, bullying or harassment will not be tolerated.
  • 5. Stay with the camp group, at all times. No child is permitted to leave the camp group without his or her counselor’s permission and direct supervision.
  • 6. Refrain from bringing fireworks, firearms, toy guns or weapons of any kind to camp.
  • 7. Refrain from bringing or using any illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol or intoxicants of any kind.
  • 8. Know and understand the general camp rules, regulations and guidelines associated with the camp bus, van and group.
  • 9. Cell phones and other mobile communication device usage (except in authorized camp activities) is strictly prohibited during the camp day. Other electronics, such as iPads, iPods, video games, laptops, etc., are prohibited. Any such item brought to camp will be taken and returned at the end of the day. Camp Sol Taplin is not responsible for theft or damage to any camper’s personal property.
  • 10. Campers will be expected to participate in all scheduled camp program activities unless exempt because of health or parental restriction. An explanation must be submitted to the Camp counselor in writing.
  • 11. There is a zero-tolerance policy for theft.

NOTE: It is not possible to anticipate every possible situation that may arise. In the absence of a particular situation or activity not listed above, COMMON SENSE AND COURTESY SHALL PREVAIL.

Camp Sol Taplin implements a system of camper monitoring in its effort to provide an incomparable experience for all of its campers. If Camp Sol Taplin determines that a camper is failing to adhere to this Code of Conduct, or presents a safety, behavioral or other concern that is detrimental to the camper, other campers, staff or employees, or to the overall camp experience, Camp Sol Taplin reserves the right to enforce consequences. These consequences may include, but are not limited to: limitation of privileges, verbal and/or written warnings, parental notification, or, in extreme cases, expulsion from Camp Sol Taplin without refund. Additionally, campers who repeatedly fail to adhere to the Code of Conduct may run the risk of not being allowed to attend Camp Sol Taplin or MARJCC activities in the future

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