After School Fitness

After School Fitness Conditioning • Grades 3-8

Monday – Friday, 4-5 pm

•Small group fitness training program •Supervised instructional hour provides targeted training
•A well-balanced weekly workout to maintain & improve your child’s physical health


• Supervision by certified personal trainers
• General exercise
• Cross training
• Cardiovascular endurance
• Strength training
• MMA/Boxing/Self Defense
• Sports specific training
• Core strength
• Flexibility
• Circuit training
• Bootcamp


•Access to certified trainers
•Improve general health
•Increase cardio vascular stamina
•Muscle/Tendon/Ligament – Strength
•Sports Cross Training Effect
•Core strength, stamina, and stability
•Create expanded flexibility
•Learn a variety of exercise modalities
•Develop mental fortitude
•Develop positive self-esteem
•Foster independent learning and making decisions

See page 48 of your Program Guide for more information!